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Non-hazardous Liquid Waste

Many different types of entities including government agencies produce non-hazardous liquid waste. Non-hazardous liquid waste is not just generated by industrial activity. Common examples of non-hazardous liquid waste include used oil that is being recycled, used cooking oils, storm sewer, catch basin and sanitary sewer clean-out residue, grease trap clean-out residue, industrial wastewater, uncontaminated precipitation removed from secondary containment structures, wash waters, antifreeze that isn’t a hazardous waste, and some off-specification commercial chemical products. Household waste is not subject to the following requirements. Liquid industrial waste includes waste that meets all the following conditions:

1. The waste is delivered by an Illinois licensed special waste hauler or an exempt hauler as defined in 35 lAC, Section 809.211; and  The waste is accompanied by a manifest, if required.

2. The customer shall provide a completed Special Waste Preacceptance Form and a preacceptance analysis for each waste to be accepted. In addition, the Annual Generator Special Waste and Recertification for Disposal of Special Waste form, which certifies the waste has not changed since the last analysis, must be completed and included in the operating record.


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